About Us

Birds On Adoption is a popular parrot farm located in United State, devoted to supply healthy and well tamed parrots to parrot lovers. Birds On Adoption is a family owned aviary managed by me and my family: Me, my wife and my two children. Breeding birds has been our passion as we started breeding parrots 15 years ago for non-commercial use. Based on advice from friends and family members we decided to breed for commercial purpose. Since we started few years ago, we are impressed with feedback from our clients. We are specialized in breeding three parrots species, namely: Macaws, African greys and Cockatoos. We organize shipping in and out of USA. For shipping out of United States contact us before making payment.Most of our Parrots are hand-reared. To meet up with the increasing demand, we collaborate with other trusted breeders within the united states to supply our clients. We can ship to all countries that accept importation of birds.